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        Value Chain Development for Smallholders

        Dr. CHEN Songbi

        Expert in cassava genetic breeding and cassava value chain

        Dr. CHEN Zhigang

        Expert in agri-food value chain development

        Mr. JI Mingchuan

        Expert in agricultural and rural economic management

        Dr. WANG Yingkuan

        Expert in agricultural engineering, agricultural informationization

        Dr. ZHANG Hongyu

        Expert in rural economic system and management

        Dr. ZHANG Zhenwen

        Expert in cassava post harvest and food processing

        Post-harvest Loss Management and Food Systems

        Dr. CAO Baoming

        Expert in Chinese grain economy

        Dr. ?HUO Junsheng

        Expert in nutritional intervention and amelioration

        Mr. LAN Shengbin

        Expert in grain storage technology

        Mr. SHAO Hui

        Expert in grain industry informatization

        Dr. SUN Junmao

        Expert in food and nutrition development

        Dr. WANG Zhengyou

        Expert in grain standards

        Prof. XIE Jian

        Expert in rice processing industry

        Mr. YAN Xiaoping

        Expert in technology of grain storage

        Dr. ZHANG Zhongjie

        Expert in grain drying and storage

        Dr. ZHAO Xia

        Expert in food security theory and policy

        Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Resilience

        Mr. FAN Guangyu

        Expert in millet-sorghum industry

        Dr. HU Feng

        Expert in soil ecology

        Dr. LAN Siren

        Expert in biodiversity conservation

        Dr. LIN Dongmei

        Expert in Juncao technology

        Mr. LIN Zhanxi

        Inventor of Juncao technology

        Dr. LIAO Yongfeng

        Expert in natural disaster risk assessment

        Dr. WU Pute

        Expert in soil and water conservation and water-saving agriculture

        Mr. XU Huaqing

        Expert in environment and climate change strategies and policies

        Mr. ZHANG Xiaoning

        Expert in in disaster risk prevention

        Dr. ZHANG Zhiqiang

        Expert in climate change policies

        Mr. ZHAO Zhihai

        Expert in hybrid foxtail millet

        Prof. ZHENG Dawei

        Expert in agricultural disaster reduction

        Innovative Poverty Alleviation Initiative

        Dr. LIU Guodao

        Expert in tropical forage germplasm resources

        Mr. LI Kaimian

        Expert in cassava

        Dr. LI Xiaoyun

        Expert in poverty alleviation and international development

        Dr. NIE Fengying

        Expert in food security, animal husbandry economy, international agricultural information

        Dr. TAN Chongjun

        Expert in digital economy governance and ESG

        Dr. WANG Xiaolin

        Expert in poverty alleviation and development

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